Firewise Council Commissions Community Wildfire Protection Plan


The Olympic Valley Firewise Council was created with 3 goals in mind; to

1- raise awareness on how to minimize wildfire spread around our homes

2- apply for large grants for forest fuels reduction

3- fund chipping and green waste disposal days

In our first year, we have had success in goal #1 with over 140 residents recording more than 1300 hours of mitigation work, investing over $450,000 in fire prevention.

We are now ready to focus on our goal #2 – Forest Fuels Reduction.

And we need your help!

Fuel reduction grants (from agencies like Cal Fire) are very competitive, and many of our neighboring fire districts also apply. To be successful, grant applications require a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).

A Community Wildfire Protection Plan identifies and prioritizes area for hazardous fuel reduction treatments and recommends the types and methods of treatment that will mitigate the risk of wildfire.  A CWPP will address issues such as wildfire response, hazard mitigation, community preparedness, or structure protection.

 A CWPP is prepared by professional foresters and specialized companies. We have found a very reputable company who will do this work for $22,800. We have received commitments from SV Ski Holdings, Olympic Valley Public Services District (OVPSD), and the Resort at Squaw Creek for $17,800, provided the Community funds $5,000 of the effort. 

Please contribute to fund this effort…

To reach our goal, the Firewise Council has launched a GoFundMe page to ask the Olympic Valley community for contributions to raise the remaining $5000.  The Friends of Squaw Valley is the funding coordinator since the Firewise Council does not yet have non-profit status. The project itself will be managed by the Olympic Valley PSD.

Any gift amount is appreciated and will be tax deductible! 

Here is the link to our GoFundMe page….

 If we raise more than our $5000 goal, the Firewise Council will use the excess to fund goal #3, chipping and green waste disposal days.

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